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If you’re a B2B business owner struggling to generate enough qualified leads to fill your pipeline…listen up.

I don’t doubt that you’re a hard-working, dedicated CEO. You might be putting maximum effort into everything you do. But what if you’re just…doing too much?

Lead generation in 2023 just isn’t the same as it was a decade ago.

You might be creating webinar after webinar

Dabbling in blog posts

Lurking in Facebook and LinkedIn groups (don’t be that creepy person)

Running Facebook Ads to generate leads that are 90% unqualified…

Starting a YouTube channel because an ad (on YouTube?) told you THAT would be the key to success in this age of video…

Maybe you’ve even contemplated – and immediately dismissed – performing on TikTok (it’s working for all the kids, right?)

And insert any other of the 5,000 strategies out there

Believe it or not, the key isn’t doing MORE.
It’s focusing on the 80/20 rule…

The 20% of prospects who will bring you 80% of your revenue.

And that’s what our “Best Buyer” method is all about.

If you find yourself reminiscing about the heyday of Facebook Ads when leads were 50 cents a pop…
Or when every LinkedIn Message you sent to a prospect was answered…

is for you.

Here’s what makes our team different than anyone you’ve worked with before:

Our strategies are tested on OURSELVES, first. (Spoiler alert: they’re working)​

We focus on specific verticals that will benefit the most from this strategy – namely, the “unsexy” B2B businesses: real estate syndications, financial planners, consultants, recruiting agencies…we’re not pretending this is a “one size fits all” solution – because it’s not!

We’re always testing new and cutting-edge technologies. AI won’t replace excellent copywriters like we have on our team – but we’ve discovered ways to meld AI technology with superb copy to create personalization MAGIC in our marketing initiatives

Your 90/90 Guarantee

This is our promise to you: If we don't deliver cold emails your targeted audience opens and responds to within 90 days, we’ll work with you for up to 90 days more at no additional cost.

While we’ve never needed to use this guarantee — because we only bring on clients that we truly believe will receive incredible ROI from Best Buyer AI — it’s here for your peace of mind.

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